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Kelly D

Semi permanent cosmetic price list

Eyebrows- We use a variety of techniques to create a tailored eyebrow for each individual client, these include hairstroke, powder brow or block. the price includes consultation and treatment and then a follow up treatment approx. 6 weeks later


Eyeliner top or bottom 


Eyeliner top and bottom


Eyelash enhancement


Lip liner


Lip blush


Full lip colour


Beauty spot


Colour refresh 

from £100

Semi permanent medical All from £150

these are multi treatment procedures and require a consultation to discuss your plan and advise on prices

Areola and nipple reconstruction

Scalp and stubble camouflage

Skin camouflage

MCA dry needling for scars

Scar and stretch mark treatment

Cleft lip


Skin graph

“Having my eyebrows tattooed has given me so much confidence, it has totally changed the way I look, I just wish I had done it years earlier! .”

Nikki, Essex