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Microneedling is a Dermapen procedure where very fine needles oscillate to penetrate the skin, this causes a micro trauma whereby your body responds to heal itself. This in turn produces collagen and elastin which will plump the skin improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The pen can work to different depths within the skin so can be used for many different reasons. We are able to effectively treat pigmentation, scars, stretchmarks and many other skin problems

The best quality serums containing peptides and growth factors are applied during treatment, this allows them to penetrate much deeper than a topical application. They are chosen specifically for your skin concerns to further enhance the treatment

1 Treatment £95

Course of 3 £265

Course of 6 £490

BB Glow

The BB Glow facial is a highly effective semi permanent make up treatment with immediate effects and no downtime.

The treatment leaves your skin with a glowing, tinted moisturiser look and can even out skintone. This improves the appearance of freckles, redness and pigmentation. It will also refine pores, Improve scars and give a brightening effect.

During the treatment we microneedle serums into the skin which contain peptides and growth factors chosen specifically for your needs therefore improving the condition of the skin leaving it well hydrated and looking more youthful

The treatment protocol

Skin is cleansed and lightly dermaplaned to remove vellus hair and top layers of the epidermis, this allows for better foundation penetration and will extend the life of your BB Glow treatment

a light glycolic peel is used to further prep your skin

Skin is wiped with sterilising solution

Specific serums are applied and worked into the skin using a microneedling pen

then the Foundation serum which has been colour matched is applied and worked into the skin using a microneedling pen

LED Light therapy is then used

we finish using guasha stones and jade rollers to calm the skin

1 treatment £150

course of 3 treatments £400

monthly maintenance after course of 3 £120

Nappage Mesotherapy

Is a safe non surgical treatment which can be an alternative to cosmetic procedures and is often known as the red carpet facial. The treatment consists of micro injections that deliver microscopic quantities of vitamins, minerals, peptides, amino acids and growth factors into the skin to target specific conditions and provide instant hydration and radiance.

as a skin rejuvenating treatment some of the benefits are

*Improves the appearance of fine lines

*improves the skins complexion and radiance

*Helps reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

*Improves skin hydration and elasticity

Full face Chemical peel and Nappage mesotherapy


Under eye Nappage mesotherapy


Hand nappage mesotherapy


chest area


Chemical Peels

To Remove dead skin cells and reveive your complexion leaving softer brighter and a more even skintone. the treatment will also stimulate new cell growth and collagen production and help with fine lines, hyperpigmentation and scarring

Bespoke resurfacing peel


Course of 3


course of 6


Dermaplaning menu

Dermaplaning is the must have facial for flawless skin and smooth make up application

During the facial we remove up to 3 weeks worth of dead s​kin cells and vellus hair. This allows for better product absorption and a smoother base for make up application. 

Dermaplane and go

a 30 minute facial whereby we cleanse, dermaplane, moisturise and apply sunscreen


Classic dermaplane

a 45 minute facial whereby we cleanse, dermaplane, apply a skin specific mask, moisturise and apply sunscreen


Luxury dermaplane

a 1 hour facial where you receive all of the classic dermaplaning facial with the addition of a glycolic peel to remove an additional layer of skin plus you will receive a neck and shoulder massage whilst the mask is on and a lymphatic drainage facial massage after mask is removed. We also apply a vitamin C gel or an aha booster serum to soothe and regenerate the skin


Caci- Non surgical facelift

Caci has been used in both the medical and beauty industry for many years. The use of Micro current technology lifts and tones ageing muscles to give a more youthful appearnce due to a tighter skintone.

A course of 10 facials is recommended for optimal results and then 1 treatment every 3-4 weeks to maintain the result.

1 treatment (1 hour)- £55

course of 10- £450

super caci (90mins)- £65

add ons

 LED Light therapy £10

Glycolic skin peel £5